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RIP Introduces... Volume One. 12" Vinyl Compilation (Pre-Order)


At the end of 2015 we decided to start a new monthly series of the most exciting and interesting music that we come across and release as part of an 'Introduces Series'.

We're so proud of the artists and tracks that we've managed to compile, with such an incredibly varied crop of new talent from not only the UK, but America, Holland and Australia too!

To celebrate Volume One of the series, we are releasing an extremely limited run of 12" Vinyl compilations that are available to pre-order now and will be released and shipped in December. We strongly recommend pre-ordering as it will be a short run and we expect to sell out fairly quickly.

The compilation is available to pre-order now as we announce the latest in the series, the fantastically raucous and chaotic Sweaty Palms of Glasgow. Although we can't announce the last 3 tracks in the series just yet, we can guarantee that they are well worth the wait!!!

Featuring on the compilation are:

1: Hotel Lux - Envoi (London, UK)
2: Matadors - Trumpet Of Conscience (Manchester, UK)
3: Water From Your Eyes - Cold Stare (Chicago, US)
4: Dama Scout - Paper Boy (London, UK)
5: Atlas Cedar - In Hollywood (Glasgow, UK)
6: The Gametes - Stuck In A Turnstile (Brisbane, Aus)
7: Sweaty Palms - Queer Fatwa (Glasgow, UK)
8: TBA October 12th
9: TBA November 2nd
10: TBA December 1st

Listen to RIP Introduces Volume One on Spotify: